Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama Mr. Hope and Change! NOT!

With Obama promising to change the way things worked in Washington, I can only suppose it is now the Democratic voters turn to see what their party’s leadership has become and help right their ship as well in 2010
Socialism is the opposite of hope. Obama is going down. GOP must be ready to lead with someone like Mitt Romney but not Mitt Romney. We need someone who understands and can speak about free markets and capitalism - two words Obama has never uttered. THINK ABOUT THAT.


  1. Socialism? Really? Do you even know the definition of Socialism? Giving middle class money to rich bankers isn't Socialism. If this was Socialism we would be taking money from the banks and giving it to the poor but quite the opposite is happening.
    The Free Market is however what got us into this mess. McCain's friend Phil Gramm and all his deregulating free market friends introduced at least two of the bills which got us here in the first place. Not only did he give us the "Enron bill" which allowed Enron to do what they did but he also gave us the deregulation which spawned the housing/mortgage melt down. That's why he went on TV calling this a "mental recession"; he knew what was going to happen but hey, in the free market, he and all his friends got rich on your money and now all these big banks are getting rich on my money.

    By the way, the federal government has never grown under one president as much as it did under Comrade Bush.

  2. Not Socialism, Toad? Is that why I'm now paying other people's mortgages? Is that why I'm now paying for the Nationalization of banking. Is that why I'm now staring in the face of paying for everybody's health care - you know, the ones who don't give a rip about providing for their own families (while we bust our you-know-whats to provide for ours)? You know the ones - who have 15 children b/c they can waltz in & out of a maternity ward, knowing that "the government" (that would be MY TAX dollars) will pay for their medical bills, child care & even now (if Obama has his way) COLLEGE!!! You don't call that Socialism!! Give me a break!