Thursday, February 26, 2009

Did Bobby Jindal Have An Off Night?

As much as I'm impressed with Bobby Jindal, the speech was a big letdown.
It is the overwhelming consensus that Bobby Jindal's delivery of the response to the President's address last night was not good. Conservatives, frustrated by years of Bush's inexpert speeches, McCain's evaporating charisma at the podium, and Palin's uncertainty under questioning, were looking for deliverance in Bobby Jindal on all fronts. Liberals who thought Sarah Palin's brilliant RNC speech performance meant absolutely nothing are sure that Jindal's off night means everything.
Like the other posters, I am a fan of Bobby Jindal. He is smart and appears to be a solid conservative. He has certainly done a much better job of governing Louisiana than any of his liberal predecessors. Unfortunately, due to the shallow Saturday Night Live mentality of the public and the media, Americans generally prefer someone who is glib and tells them what they want to hear - even if it is all lies - over someone with character and substance. Eventually, through consistency and repetition, the Republican message will get out, and the contrast of fiscal responsibility, small government and strong national defense will trump the snake oil that President Loser is gleefully trying to sell. In the meantime, this is painful.
I wanted him to be good. I think all of the republican 'critics' wanted him to be good. He wasn't. You can't run for POTUS sounding like Miss Francis of Ding Dong School. Not fatal but a missed opportunity. I imagine Bobby Jindal is a quick study and with coaching he should get much better. I love Bobby Jindal, too, but we shouldn't overlook his weaknesses. He needs training in speech delivery and I bet he gets it pronto.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Reaction to the Chimp Cartoon

Given the controversy surrounding the recent New York Post cartoon, which featured a chimp that many people took to represent President Obama, I now realize that many Americans are likely to find the portrayal of an ape president offensive. Although it is no defense, I would point out that when I made the film few would have imagined that our country would elect a black president so soon afterwords. The scene was not intended to allude in any fashion to a future black president, and I deeply regret any offense I may have caused to African-Americans, and indeed to Americans in general.
I am really confused by the reaction to the chimp cartoon. I never realized that a chimp automatically equated with African American. So, when George Bush was depicted this way, were people really saying he was America’s 1st black president?
So Al Sharpton, If the first thing that comes to mind when you see a chimp in a cartoon is black people (or specifically Obama), the problem is in YOUR head, not mine!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama Mr. Hope and Change! NOT!

With Obama promising to change the way things worked in Washington, I can only suppose it is now the Democratic voters turn to see what their party’s leadership has become and help right their ship as well in 2010
Socialism is the opposite of hope. Obama is going down. GOP must be ready to lead with someone like Mitt Romney but not Mitt Romney. We need someone who understands and can speak about free markets and capitalism - two words Obama has never uttered. THINK ABOUT THAT.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Is Chris Matthews a Idiot, or is he a Idiot?

Chris Matthews was in a feisty mood today on "Hardball" and let California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa know it when Issa dared say "Democrat Congress."

Issa: “What's scarier, though, President Obama proposed that these budgets -- these deficits created under a Democrat Congress, he's going to cut them in half over a long period of time…”

Matthews: “Well, I think the Democratic Party calls itself the Democratic Party, not the Democrat Party. Do we have to do this every night? Why do people talk like this? Is this just fighting words to get the name on?

Issa: “No this isn’t intended to be fighting words…”

Matthews: “They call themselves the Democratic Party. Let’s just call people what they call themselves and stop the Mickey Mouse here - save that for the stump. Seriously…I want to get back to Congressman Frank and some English here…”

Someone apparently has told Chris Matthews that he is the "be all, end all" and his shallowness has allowed him to believe it. It seems that he is more ridiculous today from yesterday and will be even more ridiculous tomorrow from today. Tell a shallow person anything and they will apparently follow you to the edge of the cliff and jump without questioning.
Why don't we call them what they really are CROOKS, LIARS, CHEATS, COWARDS, FOOLS, HYPOCRITES

Friday, February 20, 2009

Eric Holder, Is it also cowardly to speak truth of leftists?

Is it also cowardly to speak truth of leftists?

Angela Davis and a Curious Twilght Zone

There are only two workable explanations for what’s been going on in our country lately, and I am not speaking of the election as president of Barack Hussein Obama but rather what has happened since November 4th.

One is the Alice-interpretation, that things are getting curiouser and curiouser because we’ve evidently entered Alice’s Wonderland, with a twist: We haven’t fallen down a rabbit hole but a rathole and the denizens down below aren’t quite as cute as caterpillars and mock turtles; they’re more like vermin and reptiles. That’s just one explanation for the state of the nation.

The other is even more sinister and more filled with foreboding, namely that we’ve entered a Twilight Zone of sorts and what we’re witnessing are the final, gasping death throes of a once-great country, a once-shining light on a hill being snuffed out with apparent intention.

How else to explain the Washington chaos masked as super-confident leadership in which cabinet and other high level nominees are repeatedly caught as tax cheats with their fiscal trousers down and one even slithering through and becoming Secretary of the Treasury? How else do we explain the passage of the most humungous spending bill in the history of the planet with nary a senator having deigned to read the damned thing? How else do we explain a tax hike planned at the same time we are told we may be entering the Second Great Depression?

Curiouser and curiouser, or national suicide? Only time will tell and time has a way of telling unpleasant truths in a very gradual manner.

Only the latest of curious happenings in the United States is the celebration, the lauding, of “one of America’s most notable” African Americans, a person who had been involved in a murder of a judge, involved in promoting the violent overththrow of our government, involved with the Communist Party, among other unseemly and seditious associations.

And, no, I’m not referring to Bill Ayers, political advisor and confidante of our new president as well as the probable author of Obama’s “autobiography/memoir.” Bill, like the Reverend (God Damn America!) Wright, is patiently awaiting Americans’ short memories to kick in. Besides, Ayers is not African American.

Rather, I refer to one, Ms. Angela Davis.

The ever-objective Wikipedia describes Angela Davis as “an American political activist” then goes on to mention the groups with which she carried on her activities: the “Black Panther Party for Self Defense,” the “Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee,” (SNCC), the American Communist Party, and Jim Jones’ People’s Temple, among others.

Organizational names, especially those established to overthrow constitutionally elected government, can be very deceiving.

The American Communist Party, of course, speaks for itself and, fortunately, for few others in this country; Davis was its vice presidential candidate in 1980.

How bad were the Academy Awards?

Penn steals the Best Actor award from Mickey Rourke. To add insult to injury he then went on to insult and injure half the bloody audience with a political rant acceptance speech that made his greatest detractors proud of their anti-Penn fan status.

Penn's a dickhead. He's a great actor but he's an unconscionable dickhead. And what was that weird Gypsy curse he put on the eyes of Proposition 8 supporters and their children, and their children's children? What the hell was that? Did Mike Tyson pen those little notes he had in his pocket? We felt shame all right Sean, but it was all about you dude. Shame on you dickhead.

And how the hell did Bill Maher get a stage pass? And was that a rubber tuxedo he was wearing?

And let's do a quick rant count. The church and church people got blitzed three different times by celebrities in million dollar formal attire. A movie wins about slumdogs surviving on the streets of Mumbai, a city where THREE MONTHS AGO 10 Pakistani Terrorists wiped out 164 civilians.... Not a single gawdamn mention. I guess that wasn't as popular a tragedy as Prop 8 or Hurricane Katrina was in Tinseltown...After watching Sean Penn's acceptance speech I had to puke

Monday, February 16, 2009

Remaking America

During the election campaign, Barack Obama appealed to Martin Luther King’s “fierce urgency of now” in support of his improbable candidacy. Now that Mr Obama is in office, voters are discovering what he meant by it.

Thursday’s 10-year budget document breaks pretty much every political rule in the book. By asking Congress to enact healthcare reform and an economy-wide carbon cap and trade system within two years, Mr Obama is attempting to pull off two feats that have eluded his Democratic predecessors. But the document is even more ambitious than that. By asking Congress to approve his core campaign promises at a time when the budget deficit has more than tripled in the space of a year to a post-second world war record and when the global financial system is in meltdown, Mr Obama is gambling that Americans will see this crisis the same way as he does – as an opportunity to remake America.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Talk About "Change"

House passes Obama's economic stimulus bill on February 13th with not a single Republican vote. The democrats claim their $13 a paycheck will boost the economy! So, how are you going to spend all of that extra money!?

Thanks Obama!

Friday, February 6, 2009

How much reaching out to Muslim does he have to do.

How much more reaching out does he have to do. He's already hugged the stuffing out of all the Islamists he's met since he took office, not to mention his Muslim masters and fellow 'scholars' at the madrassah he once attended.

Not that I'm accusing him of being a closet Muslim. Oh no.