Friday, February 20, 2009

How bad were the Academy Awards?

Penn steals the Best Actor award from Mickey Rourke. To add insult to injury he then went on to insult and injure half the bloody audience with a political rant acceptance speech that made his greatest detractors proud of their anti-Penn fan status.

Penn's a dickhead. He's a great actor but he's an unconscionable dickhead. And what was that weird Gypsy curse he put on the eyes of Proposition 8 supporters and their children, and their children's children? What the hell was that? Did Mike Tyson pen those little notes he had in his pocket? We felt shame all right Sean, but it was all about you dude. Shame on you dickhead.

And how the hell did Bill Maher get a stage pass? And was that a rubber tuxedo he was wearing?

And let's do a quick rant count. The church and church people got blitzed three different times by celebrities in million dollar formal attire. A movie wins about slumdogs surviving on the streets of Mumbai, a city where THREE MONTHS AGO 10 Pakistani Terrorists wiped out 164 civilians.... Not a single gawdamn mention. I guess that wasn't as popular a tragedy as Prop 8 or Hurricane Katrina was in Tinseltown...After watching Sean Penn's acceptance speech I had to puke