Saturday, March 21, 2009

Al Sharpton is the biggest bigot on the face of the earth.

Blacks spend their day calling each other niggers and hoe's. The rappers do the same garbage in their "So Called" songs. I hear black people calling each other those names 100 times a day...I have yet to hear a white person call another one a honkey, cracker, etc. Why? Because it is stupid... Yet, Al Sharpton got Don Imus was fired over his remarks. Duh!

Where is Sharpie Sharpton with all of this? Is he to busy out holding up the corporations, and black mailing them, and threatening to boycott them! Why doesn't he join Bill Cosby in his denunciation of black speech patterns and rappers subject matter. All of this is ok to Sharpton and his gang until a white uses such language and then all hell breaks loose. By the way I do think Imus was wrong, but why is he punished to the point of taking away his livelihood and others never hear a word about their atrocious language.
I distinctly remember the Tawana Brawley incident that you spoke of. This fool is nothing more than a poverty pimp, just like his cohort "Rev." Jesse Jackson. I hope one day that these bleeding heart liberals will wake up and smell the roses and see these pimps for who they REALLY are. They may as well wear a "Superfly" hat, and gaudy gold chains around their neck. I wonder who they think they are fooling?
he Al Sharptons of this world will not be happy unless the "white man" is turned into a minority and we revert to the enslavement of the white race....
And why do these politicians like Hillary Clinton etc. go arond kissing the ring and ass of Rev. Al? Are they so damn hard-up for the black vote that they have to drop down to Al's low level?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What did he (Obama) know and when did he know it! Read on..

So now we find out that President Obama was informed about the $165 million in bonuses due to employees of the American Insurance Group (AIG) the day before they were paid out last week, the White House disclosed late Tuesday. Obama has expressed outrage that the company, which has received about $170 billion in government bailout money.
Well surprise, surprise, of course 0bama knew. And I doubt that he is particularly opposed to the whole payout but that this makes a convenient distraction as he bungles every area of US policy and tries to push leftist programs in other areas.. Do you think that the the sheSenatoreple got the message?
And on the list of
Senator's that received political contributions from AIG strangely Obama's name was left off ..... Well folks, look it up, Senator Obama got $101,300 in political contributions from AIG - a nice little bonus of his own don't you think? I guess he was for it before he was against it.
Why was HIS name left off this list?
I highly suggest that everyone goes to all of your favorite blogs and inform the people. People need to know this.
Here is the scoop:
Chris Dodd was the single largest recipient of campaign donations from AIG during the 2008 election with $223,478. Source:

#2 on the list of Recipients from AIG, Barack Obama at $101,332

Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.), a member of both the Senate banking and finance committees, took in $116,400.

So Barack Hussein Obama is going on Jay Leno, to divert attention that he, Shoomer, Doddering Dodd, Hilderbeast, and who knows, who else has received hundreds of thousands of dollars, from AIG. How much did they get from the Unions aqnd other Corperations? Is this going to be another "Wagging the Tail" deversion? And why is Obama wasting his "Valuable" awake time on a comedy TV talk show?
Funny, I thought by electing Obama I thought we were getting another Lincoln?
Yes, Obama knew about AIG bonuses before they were even paid. I guess all this outrage is because the public found out about it.
Let's all repeat: OBAMA IS A LIAR, LIAR, PANT'S ON FIRE.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Obama is a Muslim sympathizer

He definitely is a Muslim sympathizer. He did not "convert" to hide behind Christianity till he was an adult; and the church he does belong to is racist and supports Africa which has many Muslim countries.
I think he has personal hidden agendas. And since this is still a free America far.. I can voice my opinion of him.

There is no substance behind the word "change" that he uses in almost every sentence. How stupid is the average American? He says the word change and the crowd goes wild. Isn't this what happened during Hitler's speeches before he became leader?

Unquestionably, as a speaker, Hitler had a powerful influence on the common run of German people. His meetings were always crowded, and by the time he got through speaking he had completely numbed the critical faculties of his listeners to the point where they were willing to believe almost anything he said. His audience became intoxicated with the emotional appeal of his oratory.
Hitler was so convincing on the speaker’s platform and appeared to be so sincere in what he said that the majority of his listeners were ready to believe almost anything good about him because they wanted to believe it.
And how about Hillary Clinton offering almost $1 and1/2 billion in aid to moderate Palestinian group Fatah to rebuilt Gaza,There goes another billion American tax dollar down the drain . I am extremely disgusted..
How powerful is Rush Limbaugh? Well, powerful enough to make Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee, apologize for calling the radio host a mere “entertainer.” Possibly powerful enough to cost Steele his job. But powerful enough to force President Obama to debate him? You’d think that would be highly unlikely, but as we found out this week, the White House is going to do everything in its power to keep Limbaugh at the forefront of public consciousness.
I think that its truly nice to have Limbaugh around as we can rely on what he says and at least know what is happening in this country. If these liberal writers, liberal newspapers or liberal politicians think they can do battle with Rush they are in for a nasty surprise. Just ask Dingy Harry. Rush played him like a violin last year and KO'ed him within a week.