Saturday, March 21, 2009

Al Sharpton is the biggest bigot on the face of the earth.

Blacks spend their day calling each other niggers and hoe's. The rappers do the same garbage in their "So Called" songs. I hear black people calling each other those names 100 times a day...I have yet to hear a white person call another one a honkey, cracker, etc. Why? Because it is stupid... Yet, Al Sharpton got Don Imus was fired over his remarks. Duh!

Where is Sharpie Sharpton with all of this? Is he to busy out holding up the corporations, and black mailing them, and threatening to boycott them! Why doesn't he join Bill Cosby in his denunciation of black speech patterns and rappers subject matter. All of this is ok to Sharpton and his gang until a white uses such language and then all hell breaks loose. By the way I do think Imus was wrong, but why is he punished to the point of taking away his livelihood and others never hear a word about their atrocious language.
I distinctly remember the Tawana Brawley incident that you spoke of. This fool is nothing more than a poverty pimp, just like his cohort "Rev." Jesse Jackson. I hope one day that these bleeding heart liberals will wake up and smell the roses and see these pimps for who they REALLY are. They may as well wear a "Superfly" hat, and gaudy gold chains around their neck. I wonder who they think they are fooling?
he Al Sharptons of this world will not be happy unless the "white man" is turned into a minority and we revert to the enslavement of the white race....
And why do these politicians like Hillary Clinton etc. go arond kissing the ring and ass of Rev. Al? Are they so damn hard-up for the black vote that they have to drop down to Al's low level?


  1. I live in the South, I'm not naive to the whole idea of racism. But what I see on a constant continual basis, is black people perpetuating the idea of racism. They are the ones who keep it alive. They don't even realize that they have many more opportunities than white people at this point. Case in point... my daughter recently went to every scholarship website on the list given to her by the school, she was not eligible for any of them because she is white. If there are any "white only" scholarships out there the black people would pitch a hissy! Black people claim they cannot be racist because they are black, they don't even know the meaning of the word but they continue to throw it at us every single time they think it will excuse their actions or get them what they want. Enough already.

  2. Martin Luther King would cry if he say what was going on in with blacks no and days.

  3. I think Dr. MLK Jr. would be ashamed, as Conservative Scalawag suggested...
    This is NOT about judging by the content of the character, this is about color and it astonishes me that we're still talking about it in 2009...and I do believe people like Jesse Jackson and Sharpton and Rangel are making things WORSE, not better, sadly.

  4. Indeed, Sharpton is a charlatan, heretic, moron and blazing racist. Clearly the Obamanation is cozy with him - something Americans don't even realize.

  5. I personally think Al should be in prison. Another one is Barney Frank.

  6. Al is the nigger's nigger and his Reverend sidekick is just another nigger. Let them be fools, cuz that's what they prove themselves to be.