Friday, February 20, 2009

Eric Holder, Is it also cowardly to speak truth of leftists?

Is it also cowardly to speak truth of leftists?

Angela Davis and a Curious Twilght Zone

There are only two workable explanations for what’s been going on in our country lately, and I am not speaking of the election as president of Barack Hussein Obama but rather what has happened since November 4th.

One is the Alice-interpretation, that things are getting curiouser and curiouser because we’ve evidently entered Alice’s Wonderland, with a twist: We haven’t fallen down a rabbit hole but a rathole and the denizens down below aren’t quite as cute as caterpillars and mock turtles; they’re more like vermin and reptiles. That’s just one explanation for the state of the nation.

The other is even more sinister and more filled with foreboding, namely that we’ve entered a Twilight Zone of sorts and what we’re witnessing are the final, gasping death throes of a once-great country, a once-shining light on a hill being snuffed out with apparent intention.

How else to explain the Washington chaos masked as super-confident leadership in which cabinet and other high level nominees are repeatedly caught as tax cheats with their fiscal trousers down and one even slithering through and becoming Secretary of the Treasury? How else do we explain the passage of the most humungous spending bill in the history of the planet with nary a senator having deigned to read the damned thing? How else do we explain a tax hike planned at the same time we are told we may be entering the Second Great Depression?

Curiouser and curiouser, or national suicide? Only time will tell and time has a way of telling unpleasant truths in a very gradual manner.

Only the latest of curious happenings in the United States is the celebration, the lauding, of “one of America’s most notable” African Americans, a person who had been involved in a murder of a judge, involved in promoting the violent overththrow of our government, involved with the Communist Party, among other unseemly and seditious associations.

And, no, I’m not referring to Bill Ayers, political advisor and confidante of our new president as well as the probable author of Obama’s “autobiography/memoir.” Bill, like the Reverend (God Damn America!) Wright, is patiently awaiting Americans’ short memories to kick in. Besides, Ayers is not African American.

Rather, I refer to one, Ms. Angela Davis.

The ever-objective Wikipedia describes Angela Davis as “an American political activist” then goes on to mention the groups with which she carried on her activities: the “Black Panther Party for Self Defense,” the “Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee,” (SNCC), the American Communist Party, and Jim Jones’ People’s Temple, among others.

Organizational names, especially those established to overthrow constitutionally elected government, can be very deceiving.

The American Communist Party, of course, speaks for itself and, fortunately, for few others in this country; Davis was its vice presidential candidate in 1980.

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